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Of the Six Skills, the "Architect" is perhaps the most difficult to enact --- read why

By Michael Pino, Digital Learning and Technology Leader at GE Crotonville.

The Six Skills in the context of John Kotter's Change model - explore how to lead the digital transformation in your organization. 

By Peter Kreutter, WHU Foundation and Andreas Neus, Head of University Coop. at GfK Verein.

How to get the Social Media equation of Leadership right? Learning from Chile's National Leadership in the wake of the 2010 earthquake.

By Michael Useem, Professor of Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. 


An Ideation Initiative to Learn More About Social Technology in Organizations

Hosted by the Center for the Future of Organization at the Drucker School of Management

The "Six Skills Global Dialogue" aims to deepen our understanding of how social technologies are transforming the texture of organizations and the practice of leadership.

We cordially invite thought leaders, academics. executives, consultants, and anyone who wants to provide insights to contribute their perspective and share their experiences. We are particularly interested in hearing stories about innovative practices, successes, and stumbling blocks.

To frame the dialogue, we will use a six-dimensional capability framework which we originally published with McKinsey Quarterly. To kick-start the conversation, we have drafted for each dimension an opening statement with questions that are designed to inspire contributions and comments. You can easily access the dimensions via the drop-down menu "Join the Dialogue".

This website is custom-designed as a "social blog". By "liking" content you can create a personal archive of contributions that interest you. You can also follow contributors and find out about the background of the people who participate.  

We hope the dialogue will become an ongoing platform of collaborative exchange between academia, business and consulting. 

Please join and register to make your perspective heard - or just to stay informed about what is happening on this site!

To find out more about each dimension of our 6 skills model, click on one of the roles below