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December 14, 2015

The purpose of the Six Skills Global Dialogue is to deepen our understanding of how social media is transforming the texture of organizations and the practice of leadership. While our framework...Read full article


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Start with the Why question

Simon Sinek's presentation "start with the Why question" is probably one of the most watched video's on YouTube and TED.Personally I use it often when working with Leadership Teams,

It is interesting that such a simple and basic question triggers so much dialogue and it is also interesting how difficult it is to stop leaders to jump to What and How. This is particularly interesting if you realize that children are masters in asking Why, they don't accept the first answer is satisfactory and they keep asking why until we are out of answers. Where did we loose this capability? 

I experience the same when it comes to the use of social media in companies. So many leaders jump into this hew arena without an idea what they are actually trying to achieve with it. Just because everyone says you have to.

Reading the questions connected to the 6 skills, I noticed there isn't one question that starts with Why. 

Yet that is probably the most important question and the most important skill for any leader who is serious about using social media.

So maybe a 7th skill? " the Asker"?

Asking the Question why are we using social media as an organization?

- Why should I use social media on personal title as a leader, of why not?

- Why would our/audience be interested in our messages?

- Why do we create rules or limitations around the usage or why not? 

I'm sure there are many more important "why" questions.

And like children, who don't take the first answer as satisfactory, leaders should keep asking why to themselves and others until the "real" reason is uncovered and understood.

Only then can they start thinking about the what, the how and the who. All the questions that are included in the six skills. 


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