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There are six interrelated dimensions of Organizational Media Literacy that need to become an integral part of a leader's role repertoire. They are:

  • The leader as producer: Creating Compelling and Inviting Multimedia Content
    Leaders need to know how to create compelling rich multimedia content that people will respond to, and who excel in co-creation and collaboration - the new currency of the social media world.

  • The leader as savvy distributor: Leveraging Dissemination Dynamics
    Leaders need a deep understanding of the nature of the various social media tools, and the dynamics they unleash, as participatory dissemination can be viral and is naturally hard to control. Mastering the combination of the logic of broadcast and participatory media will be critical.

  • The leader as recipient: Managing Communication Overflow
    Social Media creates unprecedented information overflow and the demise of editorial filters. Leaders need to become sophisticated in managing and leveraging the multiple channels of incoming communication as well as the ability to assess the relevance and factuality of information.

  • The Leader as Advisor and Orchestrator
    With social media activity proliferating at every level inside and outside the organization, leaders need to become tutors and strategic orchestrators of all such activities within the realm of their control.

  • The Leader as Architect: Creating an Enabling Organizational Infrastructure
    Leaders need to make sure that their organizations are designed to encourage self-organized horizontal discourse and exchange while mitigating the risks of irresponsible use through smart policies and vertical accountability frameworks.

  • The Leader as Analyst: Staying on the Cutting Edge of the Curve
    The revolution in communication and connectivity technology is not over; it is rather accelerating. Leaders need to understand the nature of this revolution, recognize emerging trends, and leverage the resulting opportunities

Companies that develop a critical mass of leaders that master these realms will most likely outperform laggards in this field.